Bringing Strength to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Working with Dani Monroe brought real strength to Harvard’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Through her work she helped create Harvard Pilgrims’, our first ever 5-day cultural competence course for physicians, which received White House recognition for innovation and creativity.”
- Barbara Sterns, Former VP of Diversity & Inclusion, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Dani Monroe

Groundbreaker In the World of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Whether sitting across from a Board chair or C-Suite executives, Dani finds ways to bridge her knowledge with the issue at hand and the challenges ahead. Her integrity and honesty are alive and intricate to all her work. Transformative change occurs when you couple these qualities with her 30 years of experience and acquired knowledge.
Someone once said, "Dani is a national gem that more leaders need to discover."

Services Provided

Leading with confidence and competence Dani provides a pathway for leaders to clarify their role in DE&I and the journey for their company. Together, with her client, she creates a safe environment to discuss the issues that make DE&I uncomfortable but necessary for forward progress. Her integrity and honesty are alive and intricate to all her work.

Strategic Advisor

DE&I is a business strategy that optimizes the performance of an organization. Dani delivers:
● A pathway for leaders to clarify their role in DE&I and the journey for their company

Products Offered

    Personalized one-on-one sessions offered for two hours to two days
    Group sessions with teams
    Plan-of-Action to formulate strategy and design customized DE&I Program to impact culture 

Organizational Assessments

Evidence-based interventions are the foundation for Dani’s work, including:
● Using trusted, proven tools to develop a complete picture of the state of the organization in DE&I and make recommendations for improvements
● Diving deep to discover what's happening in an organization. How is it happening? Who is it happening to? What are the critical questions that must be answered to move organizations forward?

Products Offered

    Research Reports to present the current state of DE&I while forecasting data that predicts the future workforce trends
    Personalized analysis to provide useable, customized findings and trusted recommendations for executives and their direct reports

Learning Experiences

As an award-winning learning designer, Dani approaches each client's need with what will work for that client and what's relevant to their work. Getting it right for the client is the main goal. Dani offers a philosophy of flexible learning that includes:
● Personal, in-depth discussions about the culture of an organization, how it works and how employees learn best, whether physicians, scientists, bankers, technology or human resource professionals
● The "right" methodology; classroom, online, distributive learning, experiential work assignments, mini daily modules or real-time coaching
● A customized, engaged commitment with substantive advice

Products Offered

    Inclusive Hiring
    Exploring Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
    DE&I Summit
    Self-directed learning experiences

Talent Management Solutions

Dani's passion is finding a way to tap everyone's talent in an organization, so they thrive, and the organization reaches full optimization. Innovation, Openness and Flexibility are key. Dani provides:
● Processes to support managers and leaders in tapping talent in their organization

● Working sessions with leaders to identify not just high potentials but aspiring talent

● Trusted and proven tools to support their growth and engage their teams  

Products Offered

    Talent Discussions 
    Tapping Talent Webinars

Keynote Presentations

From Monterey, California to the shores of South Africa, Dani has been a sought-after speaker on issues of DE&I. Using current data, compelling stories, humor and insightful knowledge, Dani has presented to:
● Universities
● Health Systems
● Government Agencies
● Fortune 50 companies
● Large and Small non-profits

Her presentation leaves the audience with a sense that the time to change is NOW.       

Products Offered

    In-person or remote keynote speaking engagements
    1-day to multi-day events

Chief Diversity Officer Camp

Committed to passing on her knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of Chief Diversity Officers, Dani offers a deep dive on "How to successfully lead a DE&I function and change process." During this multi-day intensive, attendees will learn:
● High level of competencies needed for the position - ranging from data analytics and business acumen to addressing the current social justice environment

● Ways to apply the skill, science and art necessary to integrate, establish and maintain transformation

● How personal temperament is the key to enlisting trust and psychological safety in DE&I work

Products Offered

    Working session with other newly appointed CDOs