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"The work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion comes from my heart and my head. This balanced approach allows me to guide organizations in ways that change people's lives for the better and positively impact the bottom line."
- Dani Monroe


Groundbreaker…Pioneer…Author…Leader in the world of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Meet Dani Monroe

in the world of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Over a 30-year career, she has brought ground-breaking definition and depth to the dialogue about diversity and set the pace for change and precedence in strategies of global diversity and inclusion. Monroe's valued expertise in strategy and international practice pioneered practices and programs that defined her success in major organizations such as Pfizer Corporation, Bank of Boston and Partners HealthCare. As the Founder and President and lead Strategy Consultant of Center Focus International, Inc. Dani worked with many private and public organizations offering advice and consultation on the complex issues facing today’s workplace. Monroe provided guidance to such organizations as the Boston Red Sox Cardinal Health, AT&T, Novartis, Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare and Prudential. Through her work, she has designed and facilitated organizational change strategies that integrate all components for the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy—from metrics and accountability for senior leaders to leadership curriculum and inclusive work processes. 

Untapped Talent book

Dani Monroe's book, Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce, has received excellent national and international reviews.

Untapped Talent

By Dani Monroe

Untapped Talent - Unleashing the power of the Hidden Workforce is a practical guide packed with examples of organizations that have successfully tapped into the hidden talents of their workforce. Managers will learn to recognize and mine some key, fundamental leadership traits that are essential for a competitive business. According to Dani Monroe, author and expert in the fields of Organizational Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, “The very real talent challenge that today’s leaders face is underscored by two new realities. First, the talents that once delivered success are not the same talents that are needed in today’s complex world. Second, this new kind of talent is scarce.”

Untapped Talent is a must-read for executives operating in global firms. It provides a fresh perspective on how organizations can gain competitive advantage through their workforce. Monroe challenges the tendency to divide our workforce into A and B players, developing the A's and ignoring the rest. The book provides a practical guide for leaders and companies that truly want to tap the full and often hidden potential of their workforces.

David A. ThomasPresident, Morehouse College

More Praise for Untapped Talent


“Dani Monroe effectively combines research, case studies, storytelling, practical tools, and knowledge in this incredibly rich guide for recognizing and leveraging the untapped talent that surround us in business and in our everyday lives. Untapped Talent will be an invaluable resource for all who read it."

Leslie Mays

VP, Global Diversity and InclusionAvon


“Dani Monroe provides a voice of wisdom that rings unmistakably from a commitment to growing people, leaders, and organizations. The conversation about what it takes and the need to have solid global leaders is growing and is paramount in today’s competitive marketing. Dani’s insights into inclusion, talent engagement, and corporate culture lay a pragmatic and inviting path for anyone who wants to develop and grow their workforce.”

Amri Johnson

Former Director, Diversity & InclusionNovartis Institute Biomedical Research


“If you are a company leader building a team and developing untapped talent, or an individual trying to succeed on your own in corporate America, this insightful, engrossing, one-of-a-kind book is perfect for you. The candid, compelling, real-life stories make the author’s points in an entertaining and memorable way.”

Frank X. McCarthy

PresidentDiverse Workplace, Inc.

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Dani Monroe being honored for Achievement in the Professions at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 2019 Pinnacle Awards


Dani Monroe (r.) being presented the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Boston Business Journal Award (2015)


Dani Monroe at the Partners HealthCare DE&I Summit in 2018


Dani Monroe with other honorees at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce 2019 Pinnacle Awards

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