Confidence in Consulting

What does it look like to promote equity and inclusion in the workplace?How can corporate leaders rapidly develop the skills, vocabulary, and backing to advance diversity in their organizations?What’s the best way to recover from missteps along the journey?Where can Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) expand their knowledge base and draw on the accumulated insights of veterans in the field?


“Perhaps Dani’s most important and lasting contribution to Mass General Brigham is her central role in the development of our United Against Racism strategy – a strategy that sets our path forward in creating and maintaining an anti-racist institution."

Anne Klibanski, MD

CEOMass General Brigham


“Working with Dani Monroe brought real strength to our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Through her work she helped create Harvard Pilgrim's first ever five-day cultural competence course for physicians, which received White House recognition for innovation and creativity.”

Barbara Stern

Former VP of Diversity & InclusionHarvard Pilgrim Health Care

Consulting Services

Leading with confidence and competence, Dani provides a pathway for senior leadership to assess, advance, and increase the effectiveness of their organization’s DEI work. Together with her clients, she creates a safe environment to discuss the issues that make DEI uncomfortable but necessary for forward progress. Integrity, honesty, empathy, and commitment are integral to all her work.


Strategic Advising

Dani’s work with organizational leadership is designed to move the company’s DEI journey forward, clarify their own role within it, identify resources to tap, and recognize new opportunities Personalized one-on-one and group/team sessions Plan-of-action to formulate strategy and design custom DEI program Develop strategic approach to diversifying boards and leadership

Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) Executive Coaching

Committed to passing on her knowledge and wisdom to the next generation of Chief Diversity Officers, Dani offers a deep dive on "How to successfully lead a DEI function and change process."  Exploration of high-level competencies for effective change, from data analytics and business acumen to addressing the current social justice environment Strategies for harnessing the skill, science, and art necessary to integrate, establish, and maintain transformation Consideration of how personal temperament is the key to enlisting trust and psychological safety in DEI work

Coming August 2022


Martha’s Vineyard will be the setting for a special CDO Summit for newly appointed Chief Diversity Officers and senior DEI leadership.
This is a chance to engage in intensive working sessions with your peers and accelerate your learning curve. Concurrent events on the Vineyard around social justice and cultural diversity will enrich the experience.

Organizational Consulting

Culture Assessments

A custom analysis can discover what's happening in an organization: How is it happening? Who is it happening to? What critical questions must be answered to move the organization forward? An evidence-based intervention enables strategies for improvement tailored to the organization and its needs. 

Talent Management

Dani has a passion for helping companies identify and create processes that support managers and leaders in tapping talent, leading to greater individual satisfaction and career growth while at the same time creating workplaces that foster innovation, openness, and flexibility.

Learning Experiences

As an award-winning learning designer, Dani has the experience necessary to explore organizational culture, including how employees learn best and what will work for the organization. Areas of expertise including training on best practices for inclusive hiring, exploring unconscious bias in the workplace, and how to organize an effective DEI summit event.

Featured Speaker

From Monterey, California to the shores of South Africa, Dani has been a sought-after speaker on DEI issues, using current data, compelling stories, humor, and insightful knowledge. Past engagements include universities, health systems, government agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and nonprofits. Her presentations leave audiences with a sense that the time to change is now.